|T| PICK 2! (MAX)
TRICKS • 15-04-2014
|T| PICK 2! (MAX)
Choosing is hard. It gets harder the more options you have. Long lists tend to slow you down. Make sure you have 2 (max!) selected items on your to-do list at any time.
Red marking or numbering your to-do list also works well for many people. Try, though, to avoid spending too much time with the numbering mania. Remember new items will arrive and recalculating priorities to the detail too much in advance can prove wasted time.
Focus on the next 2 items, always.
A good trick is to get a new empty post-it at anytime and write down the 2 items. When done, get a fresh post-it and write the next 2. The plus here is that you don't see all the rest, which is great for your focus.
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Jane Bradford
I think the solution for this is to have a list of around 5 important/urgent daily tasks tracked separately (in my experience it is best to do this on paper). This should be updated/reviewed the night before and at the start of the day.
in 2014-04-16 09:42:30
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