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Action Repository vs Flow
Although an Action Repository makes for a nice list of opportunities from which to select your guidance, it is totally possible to live a fulfilling and happy day (and life) purely out of intuition, without following any plans or even looking at any to-do list item. I know that may sound a bit silly if you value control a lot. Actually, if your 'apetite for control' is not satisfied, you may not really be able to enjoy that simple magic natural flow. I get that. But just imagine, for fun, that you could indeed let go of that control a bit further than usual... what would it be like?
Touring around
Choosing a bit of 'go with the flow', doesn't mean you get rid of all your to-do lists. Just like turning off your GPS doesn't mean it's not there in case you want to use it. Your Action Repository can still embed the subtle feature of making you tranquil that you have a superb collection of opportunities, in case you run out of good ones along the ride.
It's like touring around New York with the guide book on your pocket, but taking the time to explore freely, paying attention to whatever you want to pay attention to, or whatever you happen to pay attention to. Instead of obeying some written pages orders about what you must pay attention to. And, should you start getting bored with your inner flow, you always have the safety of external guidance in your pocket full of 'must see attractions'. 
The interesting part is that, more often than not, touring around your life with the guide in your pocket for a while, allows you to see and sense much more than if you always have your nose sticked in its pages, focused on following some master plan! The same for your iPhone as you're having dinner with your friend! Check if you have enough on your plate. Allow yourself to stop wanting more, and better enjoy what's already there...
Just because I can
In fact, just because you can go in your smartphone and check the name of that actor, or a fact from wikipedia, or the shortest route in the GPS app, doesn't mean you have to. Specially if it hurts the level of attention and connection with your friend or kid. What's driving you after all? What's your goal, anyway? Are you listening to your inner guidance and following what you really want to follow, or just handing over the controls to your inner Robot, always in need of executing little small stuff and playing with funny buttons, just because they're there? 
For someone who really gets it, and can really enjoy the moment without always needing more, life is much richer and not nearly as boring as it may seem to someone stimula-dependent. 
This is a theme that makes me wonder about what freedom truly means... it's also the last article on Action Repository and to-do lists, serving as an introduction of what we're going to deal with next: GUIDANCE!
Until then, Try a TRICK!
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Jane Bradford
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt
in 2014-03-24 09:56:43
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