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Well behaved?
I usually help my clients build their Action Repository as part of my coaching programs. Most of the times, they come up with a very complete set of items on the 'PROJECTS' section, 'HR' section, 'OP' section, and so on... And at the personal level they bring 'HOUSE&VEHICLES' section, 'HEALTH' section, 'FINANCES' section, and so on...
What I find quite curious is that, too many times (more than I'd find reasonable anyway), they don't even mention a 'FUN' section. Or a 'HOBBIES' section. Or an 'EXCITEMENT' section. This happens so often, I'm inclined to conclude many of us probably have an intuitive notion that our personal system is only meant to help us accomplish the obligatory stuff... the stuff we will feel bad about if we fail at.
Now, we all know that being happy in life can require some not so interesting steps along the way, like doing taxes, changing tires, and going to the dentist, for sure... The thing is: while we may believe that having everything in order will eventually get us to be an adequate and well behaved deserving person, there is a chance that we trap ourselves in focusing too much on all the stuff that we have to 'fix' in order to reach the 'promised land'. It's like we're waiting for everything to be in order so we can start having real fun! And when will that finally be, we should ask?
Can I go play now?
Like all kids, I guess, I wasn't allowed to go and play in the yard unless homework was done. That was the rule. I kind of understood the rule, it made some sense. There was a duty, and there was a reward. And when homework was finally done it was just great! I played freely and excitedly like kids do. Totally surrendering to the moment, no guilty feelings whatsoever, everything was like heaven.
As I grew up, though, it seems those rewards became increasingly and heavily shortened, and 'homework' became longer and longer. It's like we're not asking any more: 'Can I go play now?' Maybe because we haven't really clarified what is the duty, the 'homework', and exactly what it means to have finished it. And if not, how can we play freely and excitedly as a reward? We may allow ourselves to numb for some hours in front of the TV until tiredness takes care of our fate, but that's not quite like really choosing to go play and have fun in a wholeheartedly way.
Include some fun in your Action Repository
Remember: the ultimate purpose of your Action Repository is to list opportunities to be happy! Some of those are an investment for your future-you happiness. That's ok. But you should make sure you also balance that with FUN, including and maintaining alive some sort of pleasure folder for your present-you happiness. That's the most direct added value your system can help you with, starting today! Go on, enjoy your life now: put something fun on your todo-list!!!...


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so true!!! it's like fun is not as important as getting everything else done. but i also think a "fun section" is problably going to be overlooked when mingled with a bunch of other "more urgent and important" things that must be done.
in 2014-03-17 11:05:22
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